Red Shelter skatepark - Spot Check in Germany

Red Shelter Bowlpark (Weimar) a massive bowl in the middle of Germany!

The park is located a little bit outside from Weimar inner City, what is typical for Germany, because not everybody likes the sound of people skating. It's too noisy for our older generations.

The park is super clean and you can see that the locals really take care of this park. All scratches in the concrete are fixed, no graffitis on the ramps and so on. I found the concrete rather rough, but considering the bowl was built in 2008, it's still definitely a beast of a bowl. All transitions are pretty high and vertical. It’s a masterpiece for those who like it hard. 

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By Pascal Lieleg aka Official Bowlsh!t

2er DIY Skatepark Builders Jam 2022

September 22, 2022 2er DIY Skatepark, one of Europe's largest DIY's, has been revamped and has got some rad new obstacles to hit. We reached out to Yamato Living Ramps to find out more. 2er DIY Skatepark is one main part our company’s foundation. Yamato Living Ramps evolved from 2er skatepark and Betonhausen DIY in Berlin. 2er started with some really simple ramps more than 15 years ago and is now one of Europe’s largest DIY’s. Today it’s run by an official non-profit club, 2er skateboarding e.V. The park has been legal for several years, with differing contracts. Recently, the land got sold to the city of Hannover who then offered the e.V. a 50 year lease. This of course was a big push for more building to be done on the park. We’ve established the Builders Jam format in the past to tackle quick development several times now. Friends and concrete lovers gather from near and far, material, places to crash, food and a ton of drinks are provided, and with a common goal to chase, volunteers are then set free to shape the park. This particular time, Yamato orchestrated a bit more, we tore down a section of the park prior to people arriving, and a rough idea was drafted within the members of the e.V. A big push this time came with the Belgian crew that showed up. It was nice to see the evolution of skills and size of pieces that got tackled. In the end, 2er now features a radical steep bank / built-in loop section, a steep vert QP, a sick granite lip pocket and a dip / step-up push-bump thingy for a ton of new options in the park. Personally, I was sceptical about the work load / fun-skatability ratio of the loop thing, but I got proven wrong. Seeing people pump the doorway and the loop in one flow is pretty rad. I can’t wait for the next section to get build, which – so they say - should then be a more streety bit. Time will tell. Visit 2er DIY skatepark Webiste Yamato Living Ramps

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The old school paper guide that helped boost skateboarding in Brazil

September 21, 2022 The story of Marcos Hiroshi, a Brazilian skater, who, in the beginning of this century, was responsible for mapping out all the skateparks and skate spots in Brazil in one guide for ‘100% Skate’ magazine. If there is one thing we know at Trucks and Fins is how much time and work it is to make a skate map, but to pull this off in the days when there was no internet, is insane. Back in those days everything had to be done the “old-school” way, send things by post. But, Marcos made the impossible happen and even found a skatepark in the middle of nowhere in the Amazon jungle! Twenty years later, he still proudly says this was a key moment to put the community in touch with skateboarding. A skatepark guide in a magazine that brought together the skaters in Brazil and created an “onda de skate” (a skate boost), which resulted in what we can see today. When did you start skating? I was three years old, when my father bought me a skateboard as a toy. It became more serious when I was around eight years old, when I started riding the streets of São Paulo. When I was about fourteen years old, my friends and I found a nice spot, far away from home. Here we could do wallrides and other tricks, but one day a security guard came, took our skateboards, and called my dad. He wasn’t incredibly happy with that, and I was forbidden to skate. Only at the age of sixteen, when I got my first job, I got myself a skateboard again and never stopped since. Then you became a professional. Yes, it was in 2003. I got a sponsor after participating in some youth competitions. But it was not enough, though. Yeah. I worked in a bank at the same time because I graduated in management. But the bank was sold and all the people from my department got fired. I thought: ‘I will dedicate myself one hundred per cent to skate with the compensation I received’. Unfortunately, the money ran out and I had to find another job. Then you came across to ‘Cem por cento skate’ magazine. Cem por Cento skate (100% skate) is a Brazilian magazine, one hundred per cent dedicated to skateboarding. They started a project in the beginning of the century and wanted to create the first skatepark guide in Brazil. I was chosen to embrace this project. So, making a skatepark catalogue from scratch in a huge country like Brazil, in the early 2000’s. A great undertaking. Yeah, my guys thought it would be finished in three months… It took a little bit more, I presume… [he laughs]. I took a year and a half. Remember: in the beginning of this century there was no internet. I had to send handwritten letters, asking them to fill out a form about all features of the park, to print photos and send all that by mail. I phoned to everyone to check out if they knew someone who knew someone who knew of a good spot, things like that. That’s how I met a lot of people from all around the country and made friendships that still last two decades later. How many skateparks in Brazil did you gather in that guide? We did that in stages: 427 parks in our first edition in 2002, then we increased to 721 parks in 2004 and in 2006 we had a total of 1024 skateparks and spots. It was an ‘ants job’, like we say in Brazil. What distinctive features did you have? The same you find today and some other warnings, like ‘hey, this place is dangerous, you must go there with a local rider, don’t go alone’. We added a danger scale and things like that. What was the most exotic skatepark you found? We were able to find a park in the Amazon Forest, right in the middle of the jungle. And they were some other bizarre parks too. Due to a total lack of criteria about spending public money we had all kinds of crazy spots: hand wide handrails, a quarterpipe facing a wall... We made observations on the spots description like ‘there’s this place but it’s horrible’. Instagram Marcos Hiroshi See all skateparks in Brazil

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The new Hayling Island skatepark is officially open

September 10, 2022 Good news for the skaters in Hayling Island who said fairwell to the old metal and wooden ramps and now have a legit concrete park, designed by Maverick skateparks. Funding of the park was secured by Havant Borough council together with The Hayling Skatepark Project, who raised more than 207000 pounds to make their dream come true. We talked to Maverick skateparks, the UK’s leading skatepark builder, to find out more about Hayling Island skatepark. Introduce us to the park - tell us its name, where it is, what kind of park will it be (more street-oriented, just a bowl, a plaza...), its approximate dimensions, if it's already open to the public, who involved in the construction and design, that sort of stuff. The Hayling Island skatepark is located in a perfect position, down at the seafront on the Island. It's a super fun, Street 'n' Bowl Flow kind of park, and it's brand new......just opened to the public! Is there any feature that you're particularly happy with, that came out really nice or is really fun to skate? We love the flow of the park, the techy curb in and out of the bowl and the unique Pier 7. Oh and it's got some cool seating! Any dream trick or link you'd like to see go down in any of the park's features or areas? There's some awesome gaps to try out and loads of technical tricks to be had on the street kit. Just looking forward to seeing the place come alive with local riders. Visit Hayling Island skatepark Find out more about Maverick skateparks

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The new Inukjuak skatepark built by Make Life Skate Life is officially open

August 24, 2022 New concrete in Inukjuak, one of the most remote areas in Canada, and you're going to need a plane or boat if you want to skate here. Caroline Gleason, a teacher in the hamlet of about 1821 residents (2021 Canadian Census), was the person behind the whole project. Her dream was to build a skatepark for the kids who spend their summers in the community, because unfortunately they don't have much to do there. Caroline brought together a variety of partners from the public and private sectors to make this happen: the Northern Village of Inukjuak, the Nunavik Regional Board of Health, Social Services, CRT Construction, the non-profit Make Life Skate Life, and several local businesses. We reached out to Arne, from Make Life Skate Life, to find out more. Introduce us to the park - tell us its name, where it is, what kind of park will it be (more street-oriented, just a bowl, a plaza...), its approximate dimensions, if it's already open to the public, who involved in the construction and design, that sort of stuff. Inukjuak Skatepark is 300m² and located in the small town of Inukjuak in Northern Quebec, Canada. Inukjuak is very remote and can only be reached by air travel. The park is beginner's oriented with a long bank with slappy and igloo features on one side, a long quarter with extension on the other, and a tiny rooftop, medium size ledge, flatrail, mannipad and small pyramid in the middle. Is there any feature that you're particularly happy with, that came out really nice or is really fun to skate? The skatepark skates super well and all features also work super well together. The big advantage for the local kids is that they can do laps around without having to stop. Any dream trick or link you'd like to see go down in any of the park's features or areas? We just want to see the locals take up skateboarding and progress. But there is a lot of talent and motivation so we're sure that there will be some rippers coming out of the park. Visit Inukjuak skatepark Find out more about Make Life Skate Life

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