Leiria brick factory RIP

Address DIY Leiria brick factory: Rua da Carvalha 570, 2400-441 Leiria, Portugal.

Leiria brick factory RIP


The Leiria brick factory, another Iconic DIY spot in Portugal unfortunately is no more. We went to interview João Sales, the man behind this DIY and owner of Wasteland skateparks to discover more. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE.

"Then this Emerica Europe tour came by, with Ricardo Fonseca, Ed (Helder Lima), Pontus Alv and some others and they really liked skating our spot. Pontus Alv told me I had to watch their video because they were doing the same kind of thing in Sweden but already on a different scale, and I watched it, and that’s when I realized I could build skateparks with my own hands. All you had to do was get the community together and it could happen, and that’s when Cerâmica came about. It was an abandoned brick factory, and all that’s left standing is the kiln, which is lined with bricks and sand so all we needed was to buy the cement to mix everything and make concrete ramps. We built it on the weekends, among friends, and while we were doing it I lost my job - I had worked for sixteen years on car parts. Around that time came a call from Lisboa inviting us to build a bowl in Alvalade, which we did, still without any real expertise and kind of winging it. I did it with my friend Nuno Cainço who still works with me and who started skating with me in the early 90s."

Photos Courtesy of Haroun Cherif

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