Monsanto skatepark

Skateboarding in Portugal

Monsanto skatepark

Skateboarding in Portugal
  • Address skatepark Monsanto: Estrada de Montes Claros, Lisboa. Leave your car at the little parking and walk 300 meters into the forest and you will find the park on your left.

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About the skatepark

Monsanto skatepark was designed by Francisco Lopez and built in 2018. You can find the park in the Parque de Merendas da Alameda Keil do Amaral. 

Skaters in the video: Patrick Costa and Keanu Schwedt.

  • Quarterpipe
  • Funbox
  • Manualpad
  • Londongap
  • Handrail
  • Gap
  • Flatrail
  • Ledge
  • Bank
  • Stairs
  • Wallride
  • MiniRamp
  • Bowl
  • Other Sports
  • Lights
  • Nead Broom
  • Cement Park

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