X-move has officially joined the Trucks and Fins community.

The German team has been in the game for over 15 years, building skateparks in different countries across Europe. We’re proud to have them and got X-move’s team member Jan Klühspies to answer three little questions.

Tell us a quick story about your early skate days.

Around 1987-89 (I had already been skating for 7 years), our local swimming center was emptied (not a pool-like thing but it had some banks and hips), so we (ca. 15 kids) went in for a session. After a while we got caught in flagrante by the city council. But the two guys were totally drunk and instead of calling the cops they started chit-chatting with us about all sorts of things. So everyone was inconspicuously scratching off the swimming-pool surface (it was a kind of tar, we’d damaged the pool-surface) from the wheels and started escaping one after the other. Maybe in the end they were sitting there alone in the swimming center, talking for days. We all came out unpunished and could go back to the skate-shop to watch Animal Chin again.

Which is your favourite skatepark and why?

KC Plaza Darmstadt, because it`s my local park and we designed it with some friends. But since my curb-period is over, I always wish it would transform into something like Sibbarp. I personally like mid-height flow-parks with beautiful surroundings the most

If you could choose any place in the world to build a skatepark in, where would it be and what would you build?

Anything in my garden. A 70-80cm high - 3m wide curved quarter with pool-coping and two runways left/right would perfectly fit in. But the garden isn`t my own so I’m just dreaming.

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