The new indoor Beastwood skatepark by Nine Yards – Skateparks Ep 9

One thing that, luckily for us skaters, didn't stop during this pandemic is the build of new skateparks. Take a look at the brand new indoor skatepark Beastwood in Brugge, built by Nine yards skatepark. Thanks Jim Arendse for answering are usual three questions about the new park.

Introduce us to the park – tell us its name, where it is, what kind of park will it be (more street-oriented, just a bowl, a plaza...), its approximate dimensions, if it’s already open to the public, that sort of stuff.

This is Beastwood Skatepark in Bruges Belgium (Grasdreef 6). It is an indoor skatepark that combines transition skateboarding with a lot of street elements.

With little over 650m2 the skatepark still feels very spacious and offers something for almost all skaters. Material-wise we tried combining concrete elements and wood, which turned out really nice.

From the 9th of june the park will be open for the public to shred! We can't wait for the locals to do some crazy stuff there, the skate scene of Bruges is really dedicated and raw.

Is there any feature of the park that you’re particularly happy with, that came out really nice or is really fun to skate?

We are happy with the whole park, but for most of us the little tranny corner really stands out. Usually we make pretty mellow, but high transitions which work really well.

But this time we took a different turn and went for steep and low, the locals that had a 'secret' early session really liked it so far!

Any dream trick or line you’d like to see go down in any of the park’s features or areas?

There is actually an extension of the actual building inside the skatepark where the toilet is located. It is kind of strange that it's there, but gives the park a fun dynamic. The first time I was there I immediately thought of the idea of someone dropping in from that roof into a quarterpipe we built against that wall. A few days ago Jeroen Bruggeman posted a clip of him doing it. We were super stoked that he did that already, which only shows that there will be a lot more sick tricks going down there.

Visit Skatepark Visit Nine yards website

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