The new Haagse Beemden Skatepark by Nine Yards – Skateparks Ep 4

Our friends at Nine Yards Skatepark Co. have just finished a new project and were cool enough to take a couple of minutes to give us a quick presentation of the spot. Voilà!

Introduce us to the park – tell us its name, where it is, what kind of park will it be (more street-oriented, just a bowl, a plaza...), its approximate dimensions, if it’s already open to the public, that sort of stuff.

This is the Haagse Beemden (HB) Skatepark, it is located in one of the neighbourhoods in Breda. The local municipality is really investing in its skate scene lately, which is great.

Besides a lot of good skateparks, Breda has plenty of spots you can skate without getting kicked out. The Haagse Beemden Skatepark is a great mix of street elements and transition and is around 700m2.

We really did our best to make it an aesthetic park with some cool details in it. The lines you see running through the park are granite floor tiles we worked into the concrete to give the park an extra dimension.

It is currently open to the public and can be skated from 8 in the morning to 10 at night.

Is there any feature of the park that you’re particularly happy with, that came out really nice or is really fun to skate?

We are really pleased with the granite floor tiles in the park, it's a nice detail to the park and gives it a special feeling while riding through the park. We also tried to be creative with some of the obstacles and features. The park is really diverse and you can figure out a lot of different lines! My personal favorite is the red rainbowrail we put in the skatepark.

Did you have time to skate it? What was the best run or trick you did there or that you saw someone else do?

A few weeks ago when the construction was completely finished we had a nice skate session with some of our team members and Flatspot magazine. Great fun, and a lot of guys shredded the park!

Visit Skatepark Visit Nine Yards website

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