The Lankow Locals - Skateparks Ep 2

Text and photos by Pascal Lieleg, Photographer

We are in Germany, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. To be more precise, in Lankow, a suburb of the city of Schwerin, in which prefabricated buildings are lined up and slowly falling apart. The friends in the skate park call themselves Lankow Locals, their district "Lankow Demolition".

Around 50 people make up the hard core, another 200 loosely belong to it. The Lankow skatepark is the most important meeting place for the group, they have been coming here for over 15 years. People who at first glance don't have much in common: doctors who want to escape everyday life; People who have served prison terms; Young people who live in the prefabricated buildings and do not notice much from their parents. The elders give them shirts and old skateboards, but they don't give them any rules.

In 2019 the “old” park got an update by minus ramps and the local hero Florian “Flower” Fentzahn and a flowpark with all kinds of transitions was the result. Once a year they organize a skate contest, which is much more of a family get-together than a sporting competition. The skate park is everything, just not everyday life.

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