The Bodmin Skatepark by Maverick – Skateparks Ep 6

Another fresh project built by Maverick Skateparks. The guys themselves present you with a little teaser.

Introduce us to the park – tell us its name, where it is, what kind of park will it be (more street-oriented, just a bowl, a plaza...), its approximate dimensions, if it’s already open to the public, that sort of stuff.

Bodmin Skatepark is situated in the Recreation Ground. It's a 20m x 30m transition and street facility. It's already open to the public and a free-to-use facility. It features an open bowl with roller to jumpbox setup. There's also a long wallie ledge and inline hip with rail.

Is there any feature of the park that you’re particularly happy with, that came out really nice or is really fun to skate?

The bowl is really special. It's an open bowl that features hips and some riding lines that enable you to stay within it. Quite often open bowls fire you back out into the park... this one is different!

Did you have time to skate it? What was the best run or trick you did there or that you saw someone else do?

Always try to pop in when we are passing! It's great seeing people carve the bowl and setting up airs over the jumpbox. The roller gives you that extra boost! There's a great video of local skater Josh Roundhead sessioning the box.

Visit Skatepark Visit Maverick website

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