Spain Roadtrip EP 2 - Skateparks in Valladolid and Palencia

Text and photos by Haroun Cherif.

Roadtrip Day 2. Sleeping in a car when it's 5 degrees celsius at night without preparing yourself for these temperatures is definitely not a brilliant idea. Woke up just a bit before 6 am, feeling pretty rough. But 2 café solos, a pan com tomate with jamón and some Salamanca air can do miracles.

Ready to look for some skateparks. My objective of the day was to visit the 3 skateparks in Salamanca as fast as I can and drive to Valladolid, visiting Zomora skatepark and Toro skatepark along the way.

Around 11am, 163 kms and 5 skateparks later I was sitting down in a cafe in Valladolid getting an update from Syed who is taking care of the migration of my new website. Yeeees indeed. There's a new website and progressive web app coming soon! 

After the meeting I literally spend the next couple of hours in the car, driving from one park to the other like a man with OCD: Pinar de Antequera skatepark, La Flecha skateparkDe la paz Delicias skateparkLa Pala skatepark (absolute waste of my time), Valladolid PumptrackSantovenia skatepark, Valladolid skatepark, and Skate Valley. All the skateparks in Valladolid done. Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love this area of Spain, but just like Salamanca there are no (public) bowls in Valladolid and I want bowls.

So I got back in my car and decided to drive another 53 kms up north to Palencia to check out a new park with a new bowl. After visiting the fun street focused Jardinillos skatepark and the shitty Grijota skatepark on the way I finally had a bowl. Villalobon skatepark in Palencia is definitely worth a visit. When I arrived at the park I straight away knew it was a Daniel Yabar creation and after having a go at the bowl I was 100% sure. You can feel it. The texture of all his parks is always unique.

By the time I finished my session in Villalbon it was pitch dark. So I decided to drive another 90kms to Burgos. Two hours later, on the side of the road in Burgos, I found myself a last minute deal on booking and after struggling a bit to find a place to park the car I finally found my way to the Hotel Norte y Londres. 9h30pm. 16 parks in day 2. Not bad day for a days work. A couple of beers and loads of tapas later I was back in the hotel, finally in a bed, uploading all the parks I had discovered that day to the site. 

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