South Skate Store has officially joined the Trucks and Fins family

South Skate store is an online skateboard dedicated to help the local skate scene and give the smaller skater owned brands a platform to help establish themsleves in the United Kingdom.

Tell us a quick story about your shop’s early days or about the skate scene in your town when you guys started.

I've been passionate about skateboarding since I was a kid and always dreamed of making it my life. So while on a walk with my dad we came up with the idea to start an online skate shop. We came to the conclusion that the local skate scene in my area was underrepresented and needs help to establish itself properly in UK skateboarding. I also realised there are lots of other small skater owned brands in my area so we decided that supporting those small brands and giving them a platform to establish themselves and grow would be the way to start out as a small independent shop. The shop really took off after losing my job due to sciatica in my left leg. This pushed me and I decided to work on the shop full time and put everything I had into making it work and I am still on that journey working hard every day to make skateboarding my life and help my local scene thrive.

Who are the shop’s team riders and what are their special powers?

Currently we don't have a team we are looking to grow first as a shop to be able to give the team what they need to but I have a great network of friends that support the shop and help out where they can.

Which is your favourite skatepark and why?

My favorite skatepark was Lee-on-the-Solent skatepark it's where i learned to skate and grew up with all the people that are still in my life today, it was a bit rough around the edges but it was next to the beach, so my summers were spent skating swimming and having BBQ's with all my friends and it's all the things around skating that make it even more amazing!

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