Skombro DIY skatepark, a gem in Fuerteventura - Skateparks Ep 23

Super stoked to announce that we have Fuerteventura on our map thanks to Pascal, aka Official Bowlshit and Lea, who visited every single skatepark and DIY spot on the Island and send in some top notch photos. First spot is Skombro DIY skatepark, built by a cool dude who used to live on the island. 

Text By Lea Schröder, photos Pascal Lieleg.

When you get on the highway on the east coast of Fuerteventura drive until you pass Costa Calma… or is it not exactly past there yet and still right in the middle of it? Once you get off the freeway you enter a magical and surreal world with streets and abandoned hotels. And then, in the middle of nowhere, next to a hotel ruin, that was never finished: a DIY spot for skating! This parks was built and created by "Skombropark" a cool dude who used to live on the island of Fuerteventura!

OK so how do you get there? A small gravel road, that also leads you down to the beach, will bring you to the skatepark. After about half of the road, park the car and start walking over stones and uneven ground and after two minutes you will arrive at the skate spot. The ramps built next to each other are a bit shabby, but the floor is great for driving. Various obstacles make the fun, next to scree, but with a perfect view of the sea. PERFECT spot to spend the day and get in some surf and skate action!

Visit Skatepark Visit Pascal Lieleg

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