Skateboarding in Lisbon - Odivelas skatepark renovation

Super news for the skater community in Lisbon. Torre do skate park is being renovated and it's looking damn nice. Refurbished Odivelas skatepark reopens at the end of February 2020. 

The municipality of Odivelas has started the renovation of the skatepark in Odivelas which will cost a total of 89800€. The estimated time to finish the renovation of this iconic skate spot in Lisbon is 90 days. The original park was designed by Luis Paulo back in 2001, who also renovated it several years later. At the time the municipality of Loures was responsible for the creation of this skate spot. The second renovation of the park is being executed by Wasteland ramps and by the end of February Lisbon will finally have one of it's most famous spots back in prime state.

Discover more about Odivelas "Torre do Skate Parque".

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