Scharbeutz, the German Venice Beach on the Baltic Sea – Skateparks Ep 10

Text and photos by Pascal Lieleg, Photographer.

Scharbeutz is normally known as a place for snobby tourism, sailing and wellness. The little area where the skatepark is located is totally different. A skatepark right on a white sandy beach is something unusual in Germany, plus it’s well built too. The street section is very flowy. The bowl is mellow and well-balanced: not too hard not too easy. After a good skate session you can take a swim and chill at the beach.

Once there was a shitty skatepark there but in 2019 Ralf Maier and his Betonlandschaften team redesigned it and gave life to this jewel. There are just a few local skateboarders and a lot of scooter kids (mostly tourist kids I guess) you’re gonna have to teach skatepark rules to. One last advice: if you’re planning on going there you’ll need a broom - you’re next to the beach with sometimes a lot of wind, so the park and the bowl will definitely be sandy.

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