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Rio Maior skatepark - With Keanu Schwedt

Next stop in Rio Maior with Keanu Schwedt, winner of the Hot Wheels Junior Series in Portugal 2019.

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Our next stop on our search for skateparks in Portugal is Rio Maior skatepark. After being contacted by Denis, a local skater of Rio Maior, asking us to do a video in his local skatepark we decided to head up to Rio Maior to put this skatepark on our map. After making some calls we were on our way with a crew of five to meet Denis and some other local skaters in Rio Maior.

Since we started Trucks and Fins we have had the opportunity to skate with some awesome people and this time we had the pleasure to take Nico (the French dude asking me to put the seat forward), Benny (the driver who was telling me to put the seat up) and his 12 year old son Keanu Schwedt, along. A special congratulations to Keanu who just won the under 14 category of the Hot Wheel Junior Series in Portugal. Congrats buddy and good luck in Woodward!

But before he heads off to the USA we had the opportunity to see him in action in Rio Maior.

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