Red Alert Skateshop has officially joined the Trucks and Fins family

Super stoked to have Red Alert Skateshop onboard who have been changing the scene in Rochester since 2001.

Tell us a quick story about your shop’s early days or about the skate scene in your town when you guys started.

We first started as a skateshop back in 2001. In those days it was a smaller shop with a miniramp indoors in Dover NH. The skate scene was pretty tight knit back then and not as popular as today, but we held it down in the area as a core shop. A few years later it changed ownership and the park moved to a bigger location and the first iteration of our indoor park was built. Back in those early days we had young versions of Manny Santiago, Dave Bachinsky and other now big name shredders coming through. Everything was tight and it was, at that time, the "hayday" of our shop/the local scene. After about more than a decade or so the shop changed hands again, and this time we started to see the decline of Red Alert and really the skate scene in NH as a whole. Scooters were getting more popular, the "trend" of skating was dying down (think post Bam and Tony Hawk era), and there was a general stigma in the area of the shop/park being a little more "adult" orientated. In 2015 the shop closed it's doors due to financial issues with the old management. Fast forward to 2016 and the shop/park were revitalized with new owners (myself) and we began the rebuild of Red Alert. It took a bunch of years, lots of sweat, tears, and beers but we were able to bring the shop/park back to its glory and hence, we are now in Rochester with the biggest iteration of our park and with the most accounts and products we've ever had, including a mobile shop we take to events and skateparks each weekend. After 20 years we're still going strong, even after most of the shops and indoor locations have closed their doors. All hail Red Alert!

Who are the shop’s team riders and what are their special powers?

We have a solid group of veteran riders who still are holding it down over the last few decades, including some young guns that we have groomed into proper delinquents. In terms of super powers, most of them can eat raviloi and skate at the same time. Pretty impressive.

Which is your favourite skatepark and why?

Red Alert, because we hand built this all ourselves. Raised the money working 2 or 3 jobs at a time. BUT, that's probably not what you're asking. There's a good amount of DIY parks in this area. The one in Ludlow VT is awesome, our homies over Brattleboro VT got some spots, and of course our Dover roots and the NH seacoast. Bostons also got a buncha killer joints. We don't get out that much...

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