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Praia das Moitas Surf - Monte Estoril Portugal

Also known as Praia da Rata (Rats beach). 

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Praia das Moitas in Monte Estoril is a fairly consistent right hander in between Cascais and Estoril. It's a long, mellow right that breaks next to a pear and can handle bigger swells. Best way to get in is jumping off the pear, but time it right. This spot works best with North (East) wind and with swells coming from west or southwest. Moitas beach is probably one of the best beaches to practise stand up paddle on the "Linha de Cascais".

The name of this beach Praia da Rata (beach of the rats) originated because of the small rodents that, in the past, roamed the beach due to the exits of old sewers. Today the beach and water are clean, but the name that gives rise to endless verbal puns and humorous jokes has persisted. 

And just like any spot you visit, always respect the local surfers, because it can crowded and there is only one peak.

Discover more about the surf spot: https://www.trucksandfins.com/en/spots/beaches/Moitas-beach/174/

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