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Praia da Bolina - Surfing in Cascais

Bolina beach, also known as Praia do Pescoço do Cavalo, is a gem of a right hander near Cascais. A bucket list spot for experienced surfers.

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If you are an experienced surfer and you are ever in the Cascais area then check out Bolina. It's a powerful and fast right hander that works best on midtide. The best way to get to the beach is by parking your car in praia da Poça and walk in the direction of Cascais. After about 600 meters you will find the spot in front of the restaurant Bolina. 

And just like any spot you visit, always respect the local surfers, because it can crowded and there is only one peak.

Visit Bolina on the Trucks and Fins map.

Special thanks to Wellington Magalhães for the show and also for sharing some super cool  footage with us!!

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