Pearl Skateboards has officially joined the Trucks and Fins community.

Pearl Skateboards is a new skate shop based in Annecy (FRANCE), created in May 2020, but they are here to stay and help build the skate scene in this beautiful alpine town.

Tell us a quick story about your shop’s early days or about the skate scene in your town when you guys started.

Annecy is a little mecca of skateboarding, more and more popular with young people! Since the announcement of skateboarding at the Olympics, the number of skaters continues to increase with many projects in mind! Spots of street, park, flat area, the only thing missing is an indoor park ;-)

Who are the shop’s team riders and what are their special powers?

Currently, the team PEARL includes 4 skaters:

  • Léo Lapierre (street / park / mini ramp) with his big Ghetto Bird & Front late shove it
  • Florian Berger (mini ramp / bowl / vert ) with his Rocket Air & BS Flip. Indy
  • Thomas Vaugeois (street / park) with his Back Tail Flip Out / Bigspin Flip Back Tail & Switch Flip Front.
  • Milo Lucatelli (park / mini ramp) with his Disaster Smith & Lip Feeble on rail.
Which is your favourite skatepark and why?

Our favorite park is Saint Jean de Maurienne Skate Park Alias "Opinel Park", it's a new one from last year, with lots of modules, the first european loop, and the floor's quality is just perfect !

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