Nozbone has officially joined the Trucks and Fins community.

We’ll always have Paris... Well, we don’t know about that, but the least we can say is we’re happy to have Nozbone Skateboard Boutique join us. These guys have been furnishing parisian skaters with trop chic trickwood and trucks since two thousand three. And if that’s not enough T’s, take a squint at their team: Rémy Taveira, Sylvain Tognelli, Martin Keller, Mustapha Bennacer, Bertrand Soubrier, Oscar Candon, Jon Monié, Lisa Jacob, Hugo Corbin, Joseph Biais, Roman Gonzales, Akim Cherif, Marc-Alexandre Barbier.

Late last year they put out a short team video titled Demain. Watch it aujourd’hui:

Check out Nozbone:

Profile Page Visit Nozbone website

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