Mark Lawer "Trawler" has officially joined the Trucks and Fins community.

A skateboarder since 1976. Rode for Brand-X and Zorlac in the heyday and was sponsored again in his 40’s. Author of several UK skateboard magazines since 1987 and penned and published 4 skateboard books in the last 6 years.

Tell us a quick story about your early skate days.

My early days involve the punk years, real original punk in England- 1977. I was an early skateboard street urchin, a teenager of the city in Plymouth. I was out most nights and skateboarding in the precinct and on the flat asphalt tarmac expanse of Plymouth Hoe on a Sunday where we had an early primitive wooden transportable quarter pipe that we would hit for hours. Our favourite wide subway was next to Woods ( an original punk club) I was too young to go in but some nights we were skating around outside and we could hear the music streaming from the open windows. The Sex Pistols were getting themselves banned everywhere but they played Woods. We also heard Billy Idol and Generation X and a year later the sounds of Sting and The Police wafted down from the club. It was a good time growing up but by late 1978 the attention turned to our new skatepark across the city in Central Park.

Show us a picture you shot that you really like and tell us why.

This picture is of young George O’Neil and taken in March 2020 at Mount Hawke it is a backside ollie 360 rotation. I really like it because at the time I had just finished a community camera course -night school and while I was there in the winter we took pics of lemons plopping into a fishbowl and silhouettes through glass and boring stuff like that. Although the course helped me to find my way around a camera I was itching to photograph skateboarding. George is a cool kid and was a willing subject, most skateboarders like having their photos taken so I was soon over my shyness of asking. So there I was with my newly acquired Nikon strapped to a 8mm fisheye and a hand held speedlight flash on a coil lead, just figuring it all out. I was stoked with the results and thought…Hell yes I can do this. I was hooked and addicted in the very same moment. I learned a lot in my first few months and spent more time behind the camera than on my board. I never looked back.

Which would be your dream photo combination – which skater/trick/spot would you like to capture?

If I had a time machine I would like to go back to 1977 and photograph Tony Alva , Jay Adams and their crew in a perfect backyard pool. I love the iconic images of 70’s skateboarding and the history we all should respect. I know this is a pipe dream so I would settle for a good skatepark pool with that perfect aesthetic and riders who work with the photographer together to get the killer shots.

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