La Iglesia Skate Church in Spain - Skateparks Ep 19

Text and photos by Pascal Lieleg.

What they said back in the 90’s „Heaven is a Halfpipe“... This park is a stunning place to visit! In 2015 they transformed the 200 years old abandoned church into a skaters dream. It’s not just a miniramp in a church. It's the colorful graffiti artwork by Okuda that is breathtaking and makes this place worth a vist. My advise... take your time to check it closely if you are there! The open Bowl/Miniramp had it’s best days cause the surface of the ramp has some holes and cracks (Oct 2021) but it’s a well built ramp and loads of fun. A handful people just travel to that place to take some shots, so most of the time there are no skaters and you’re kind of „alone". An old Lady (the wife of the original owner of the church) opened the doors for us, she just speaks spanish, but she is a lovely soul and really liked to see us skating in that place. The entree for the church is free but we decided to donate 15€ to keep that place alive and hope that some day the ramps get a new surface. Copy and paste to keep such places alive! 

Project Name by Okuda: KAOS Temple
Adress: C. A, 3, 102B, 33428 Coruño, Asturias, Spain
Opening Times: 15:00 - 19:00 (on Saturdays closed)
Involved: Red Bull / Okuda (Artist @okudart) / Skater: Danny León / Church Brigade

Visit Skatepark Visit Pascal Lieleg

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