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Is Quantum park the only indoor skatepark in Portugal?

We started searching for skateparks in Portugal one year ago and found 126 skateparks in continental Portugal that are still open. But we only found one indoor: Quantum skatepark. Is this the only indoor in Portugal?

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When we started searching for skateparks one year ago we discovered 132 skateparks in continental Portugal. We were able to scratch off 6 skateparks off the list, after confirming with the municipalaties that they don't exist anymore or have been demolished. Eg. Baixa da Banheira bowl, Portimão skatepark, Torres Vedras indoor, Fabrica 22, Monção skatepark, ... This basically means that Porugal has one skatepark for every 706 square kilometers, but we only found one indoor in the whole country: Quantum skatepark. In case somebody knows another indoor please contact us and let us know where, so we can add the spot to our map!

Quantum park is equipped with 3 miniramps: one small one (perfect to train new tricks on), one medium sized mini ramp and one larger miniramp that is positioned next to an inflattable, which makes it perfect to train new tricks in the air. So on rainy days you know where to go!

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