Is Lisbon the skate capital of Europe?

Time to figure out what capital in Europe has the most skateparks. Send us some pictures of your local park in Europe, let us know where it's located and we will add it to our map. Together  we can do this! Let's discover what city and country has the most skateparks.

When we started Trucks and Fins our objective was to map out all the skateparks and surf spots in Portugal. Now that we are getting close to reaching that goal, we started thinking about what's next. What should we do after we visit all the skate and surf spots in Portugal? Last week , whilst we were on our way to have a look at a new park they are building in Lisbon, we decided it was time to put the whole of Europe on our map. But how can we possibly do this? Well, the only way is with your help.

All we need is a couple of photos of your local skatepark, the name and location of the park. Send that to us and we will add the spot to our map and credit you of course. Try to send some pictures from various angles so everybody can see all the features of the park. 

Let's make a skate map were it's never been easier to discover new spots in Europe.  Don't be shy send us some pictures of your local park today!


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