Hotels with skate bowls - Noah Surfhouse - Ep 1

Noah Surf House lives in total respect and consonance with Mother Nature and was born and raised with its eyes towards the sea. This little gem consists of 8 rooms and 13 bungalows, all decorated in an original way. Once you step into Noah you instantly regret you didn't book more days. This week we reached out to Ângela Pereira, communication manager at Noah, and asked three short questions.

Tell us a quick story about the early days of Noah Surf House. And why Santa Cruz?

Marta and Gonçalo - the owners, were born and raised around Santa Cruz. The wild Atlantic ocean, the rocky cliffs and sand golden dunes were always their natural environment. If their dream was to build a “house” which could gather sea lovers from all the 4 corners of this world, then Santa Cruz should be the place.

Santa Cruz, even though it’s a well-known beach destination among Portuguese people, it’s still very “non touristic”, unchanged and raw. Mostly due being located between 2 big surfing spots (Ericeira and Peniche) and its inconstant weather/sea. We, as locals, rather find it special. We love that it is (still) not crowded or overpriced and that we cannot count on sunny warm days every day of the Summer, we like to be surprised and accept whatever Poseidon feels like giving us that day.

This being said, Santa Cruz presents its delicacies only to a few and not every day. It’s not the ordinary definition of paradise… there is no warm water, the northern breeze blows more frequently than we'd like, the sky is grey on most summer mornings, the waves can be rough and powerful… But when conditions are right… Santa Cruz can be overwhelming and one forgets the bad days right away. The good is really good! Somehow all these ingredients combined seemed perfect to open this house.

Why did you decide to integrate skate into your concept?

For those days when NEPTUNE wakes up in a bad mood, and we cannot go inside the ocean, we can still surf wood waves at the bowl. There's no excuse anymore! Surf, skate or die!

Tell us a bit more about the local skate scene in Santa Cruz.

In Santa Cruz, while skateboarding or longboarding, you will discover surprising characters and places and inspire dance moves and steps to the sound of the OCEAN in an intense sharing with the local community. Especially the longboard dancing community is growing stronger each year. The local association Sealand organizes several longboard meetings during Spring and Summer, with workshops, challenges and gigs.

No need to say that you need to book in time. Do it now, you can thank us later.

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