Hotels with skate bowls - Bukubaki - Ep 2

The perfect vacation spot for adventurous people seeking thrilling experiences, mindfulness and tranquility. We reached out to Alexandra Freire at Bukubaki to ask a couple of questions.

Tell us a quick story about the early days of Bukubaki.

Before we talk about the early days of our little corner of heaven on earth, it's important to explain the ideology behind Bukubaki! Bukubaki grew out of the ideology that our whole life revolves around "living in the elements". The responsibles for this project have always lived in the mountains with snowboarding, mountaineering, skiing, and hiking to the sea with sailing, snorkeling, and surfing.

Bukubaki is a little bit of everything. Here you can live in a forest, on the ground in a tent with all the comforts or suspended in a treehouse with visual perspectives. All experiences are intended to fill the hearts of those who know how to appreciate them. While navigating the world, they saw a "beautiful world", wounded by pollution but not dead. And here they tried to convey the love for this world that needs to be taken care of, with attention to the environment that not everyone understands.

That said, we undoubtedly have a magical and enchanting concept. Not only because of the type of accommodation but because of our whole ideology. This brought us to our first fantastic days! We had a huge turnout, a lot of receptivity, a lot of curious people and this was the starting point for success!

Why did you decide to integrate skate into your concept?

Skateboarding has always been present since the beginning of the project, together with surfing, and yoga. We are privileged to have a bowl designed especially for us and it is one of our biggest attractions for travelling skateboarders.

Skateboarding was chosen because, as explained above, the responsibles for the project have always had a lot of contact with adventure and fun, so... why not include skateboarding in such a personal and translucent project in their lives!!

Tell us a bit more about the local skate scene in Peniche.

Let's keep in mind that in Peniche what runs in its veins is surfing! Surf is the soul of Peniche! Still, for surfing, there's nothing better than training with a skateboard! So, everything is always interconnected!

We have a lot of skating and a lot of skaters in Peniche, although it's not very rooted, it's something very appreciated and practiced.

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