Herzogenaurach skatepark - Skateparks Ep. 15

Text and photos by Pascal Lieleg, Photographer.

Herzogenaurach the Capital of Adidas & Puma!

Yeah, well I know, it's a strong headline but not a strong skatepark. The German way to built most of the skateparks. You create a place with asphalt (tarmac) and put some heavy concrete ramps on it. It’s pretty disappointing to come to the capital of German sports, where big companies like Adidas and Puma where founded and have their main offices, and the city itself just has a crappy skatepark. In summertime the asphalt gets hot and slowly the ramps will sink after years into the asphalt so that you get big dangerous gaps in front of the ramps. The ramps where handcrafted by Populär but not at that location… Populär built ramps in their storehouse and shipped them to the Herzogenaurach where they where placed. You can imagine, that park has no flow and it’s not fun at all to skate there even when some ramps are made of wood. Not worth a visit! 

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