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Have you been out there lately for a surf or skate?

If so, well time has come to lock yourself up and stay home. You have done enough damage. This might sound hard, but it's true.

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The last couple of days have been crazy for everybody and from all around the world we are getting messages, from people who have been hit bad, to stay the fuck home. We are getting overloaded with news from people dying, army trucks helping to dispose of the dead, and doctors and nurses begging us to stay home. So we started staying home exactly 9 days ago. You would think if you hear the news that yesterday almost 800 people died in Italy in one day that people would be afraid and lock themselves up. But no...

The last couple of days I have been checking beachcams in Portugal and around the world and people are still heading to the beaches to go for a surf or catch some air. People are still going skateboarding. Well this sickens us. There is no other way to put it. If you still think a surf session or going for a short skate on the street is a good idea, well then we recommend you stand still for a second and think about the consequences. Is it really worth going for a surf or skate if you know you might be spreading the disease that in the end will kill somebody?

Please all stay home. Fun and games are over. Time to be responsible. Show the world that surfers and skaters care. What you do now will have consequences forever.

Kind regards and stay safe,

Haroun and Vasco

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