Freedom skatepark - The first skatepark in Ghana - Skateparks Ep 20

Ghana's very first skatepark, built to galvanize the burgeoning skateboarding scene in Ghana.

Freedom skatepark and Ghana are officialy on our map, the country's first fully functional skatepark in the heart of one of Accra’s trendiest neighborhoods. And Freedom Skatepark is not just "another" skatepark. At Freedom skatepark you can do coaching programs, art workshops and you also have a Wi-Fi cafe, and the country’s very first skate shop. And all this was made to connect young Ghanaians and develop creative possibilities in an environment that promotes inclusivity.

A new sport ecosystem that supports well being, creativity and entrepreneurship

Since 2016, Surf Ghana's core mission has been to offer easy access to board sports for youth across Ghana. Presently, the ever-growing community of active boarders has created an ecosystem that supports well-being, creativity, and entrepreneurship that is all 100% Made in Ghana. Their aim is to use the inclusiveness of skateboarding as a bridge to urban sport life for Ghana’s most marginalized local population. The construction of Freedom Skatepark will solidify the growth of board sports in Ghana, and help the youth participate in creative activities that build confidence, self-esteem, and provide a valuable platform for self-expression.

Surf Ghana also wishes to encourage the space as a training ground for Ghana’s possible inclusion in the skateboarding category of the 2024 Olympic Games.

The world needs more projects like this. That's for sure.

Visit Skatepark Visit Website Freedom skatepark

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