Chris Dangaard has officially joined the Trucks and Fins community.

Chris Dangaard has been shooting with the biggest names in skateboarding for long enough not to need any introduction. Still, just because he doesn’t need it, doesn’t mean we won’t give him one. Here it is.

Tell us a quick story about your early skate days.

I grew up in Malibu California where I spent a lot of time riding horses, playing at the beach, and sitting on a plastic skateboard bombing down my road. At the age of 9 my father had bailed out on my mother and I but I was blessed with a really great father figure who took me to Rip City Skate shop. He let me pick out whatever skate I wanted. I got a Powell Peralta Alan Gelfand. I’ll never forget taking it outside the shop and putting my knee down and hearing a resounding “No”, followed by “you can’t have it if you don’t stand on it!” That’s how it all started for me.

Show us a picture you shot that you really like and tell us why.

This photo of Bucky doing a frontside invert on the edge of certain death is definitely one of my favorites. Anybody can shoot a half decent photo with a fish eye but learning how to shoot long lens is another thing entirely. Legendary photographer Chris Ortiz was the person who told me if I wanted to grow as a photographer I had to use all lenses, and for that advice I’m forever grateful. This photo also made a Powell add in Thrasher and that was a milestone in my shooting for sure.

Which would be your dream photo combination – which skater/trick/spot would you like to capture?

That’s a tough question, for the longest time it was my dream to shoot with Tony Hawk and since then I’ve been fortunate enough to have had that happen. At this point in my career my dream shot is going to be whatever one gets me a cover on any prestigious magazine.

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