Build Your Skatepark - Find Skatepark builders around the world

So, what's new on Trucks and Fins? What have we been up to during these last two months in lockdown? Well, besides of organizing a virtual skate challenge to keep the skater tribe entertained, we have been working day and night on our skateboard map. 11400 minutes of uploading skateparks later and 6 months after launching our website, we officially have 571 skateparks on our map in 14 different countries around  the world.

This would have been impossible to do if we didn't partner up with skatepark builders arond the globe. Thanks to them we know are constantly adding new spots and they are keeping us up to date with what is going on around in the world. And that's why we decided to creare a page dedicated to skatepark builders "Build Your Park". From now on you can search skateparks by your favourite skatepark builders. Click on their profile and check out their portfolio.

Happy searching and keep on shredding!

So who's onboard? 

  1. Constructo skateparks
  2. Evergreen skateparks
  3. Maverick skateparks
  4. Wheelscape
  5. IOskateparks
  6. Canvas skateparks
  7. Concrete skateparks
  8. SkateOn skateparks
  9. Wasteland skateparks
  10. Academia dos patins

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