Black Sheep has officially joined the Trucks and Fins community.

We are proud to welcome Madchester’s famous ovine to Trucks and Fins. These guys have been around for a bit, since founding Split Skates over twenty years ago. Among thounsands (maybe millions) of praiseworthy achievements, they were responsible for opening and keeping Manchester’s only indoor skatepark for years and their team has won UK Vans Shop Riot eight times and the European edition twice.

Among others, they sponsor Andy Scott, Eddie Belvedere, Rob Smith, Nick Stansfield, Harry Lintell, Jordan Sharkey, Chris Barrett, Jiri Bulin, Oliver Tyreman, Lewis Threadgold, Rik Fields, and Seb Batty, all guys you should google, bing, youtube, whatever your particular perversion happens to be. We’re stoked to have them.

Check out Black Sheep:

Profile Page Visit Black Sheep website

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