Bernside DIY skatepark- Skateparks Ep. 12

Text and photos by Pascal Lieleg, Photographer.

A bucket list DIY spot in Switzerland, though the lens of Pascal Lieleg

First things first… as always when you enter a new skatepark it’s easier when you start to say a friendly „Hello“ to the locals who may be the kid of someone who has built the ramps and bowl. In switzerland you can say „Salü“ when you want to say it in the local way.

The Bowl ist super flowy and loads a lot of possibilities for different kind of lines. You’ll find a deep end with a deathbed and concrete coping wich is perfect for grinds. I really enjoyed the multicolor mixe of the tiles and all the funny stuff around the bowl, sloppy curbs, beer can coping and that kind of DIY stuff. The Bowl is 4 years old and is build as a project for and with the youth. It’s located close to the river „Aare“. And in the summer locals jump into the river to cool down and chill beside the riverbed. If you ever have the chance to make it to Switzerland check this one out. 

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