Apelação skatepark - A forgotten gem in Lisbon

When you think you have found all the skateparks in Portugal, there's always one more.

A while back we got an email from somebody telling us about this park somewhere in Apelação in Lisbon. We were quite surprised to hear about this park, because by now we were convinced we had every single skatepark on the map in Lisbon. No need to say, we went to check it out on google maps. And there it was and it looked damn promising. We could see the park had several bowls and a large street area and adrenaline levels started rising.

So I called up the crew and we went to check it out. We were super stoked... until the moment we stepped out of the car a had a look at the park: an abandoned bar, pretty sketchy neighbourhood, faeces in the bowl, broken glass and garbage everywhere. To skate this park you need to bring a cleaning crew, cement and some copings, because most of them have been ripped out probably to be sold somewhere as old metal. Well anyway, we didn't skate it, because it would have taken us several hours to clean, but maybe one day the city hall will remember about this forgotten gem. And the day they fix this park we will be back for sure. 

Find out more about Apelação skatepark.

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