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Ameixoeira skatepark in Lisbon

Stop nº18 on our search for skate and surf spots is a beauty: Ameixoeira skatepark in Lisbon.

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If you ever visit Lisbon and are looking for skateparks then put Ameixoeira skatepark on your bucket list. The skatepark in Ameixoeira was designed in 2018 by Francisco Lopez, who has built some of the best skateparks across Portugal and with his innovative designs has changed the skatepark game in Portugal completely.

In the skatepark you can find a bowl and a plaza style street area that are interconnected with two corridors with various obstacles that makes the transition between the two areas very interesting. You can find this skatepark in the Parque Urbano Vale da Ameixoeira.

Skaters in the video: Patrick Costa and Keanu Schwedt.

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