Alcochete skatepark in Portugal - Skateparks Ep.18

Text and photos by Haroun Cherif.

You have these spots that once you arrive, you straight away know you are going to go back and Alcochete skatepark is one of those parks.

A while back we got an email from Antonio with the GPS location of a skatepark in Alcochete, because we were missing that park on our map. Finally last Sunday I decided to go and check it out, take some photos for our site, play around with my drone a bit and have a little session there. What a cool little surprise. The skatepark itself is pretty basic. It has a miniramp, two flatrails and a quarter. But what makes this place special is the location. It's located bang on the beach of Praia dos Moinhos and has a bar/restaurant to go and chill after a skate session and a dip in the water.

Next time I want to go for a miniramp session, I will definitely go back to Alcochete, because it's a super nice place to go and chill for the day.

Little funny note to end. When I was at the park I started talking to one of the local skaters to learn a bit more about the local skate scene and funny enough the skater I was talking to turned out to be Antonio who had send us the location! 

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