10 Bucket list skateparks in Portugal

The Ultimate skate road trip in Portugal - Planning some skate holidays? Make sure you hit these spots!

When Vasco and I started skateboarding 4 years ago nobody actually knew how many skateparks there where in Portugal. We actually had difficulties finding new parks to skate in the weekend. So one day we decided to map out the whole country for the skater community here. Our mission was to find and skate every park, mini and DIY spot in the country and build the first map of all the skateparks in Portugal. 17 months later we found 199 skateparks in Portugal and I've skated 139 of them. 60 to go! By the way, after mapping out Portugal, we decided to map out the entire world and are about to reach the 7000 skatepark milestone. Hiper de hip hoeray!

So imagine you want to do a roadtrip from the North of Portugal to the South, where should you go? Here's 10 spots you should burn.

Braga Skatepark

The skatepark in Braga, built by Academia dos Patins, is a bucket list spot for every skater. The park features one of the best bowls in the country, a street area and even has a small modular pumptrack.

Belmonte Skatepark

The village of Belmonte lies towards the northeastern part of Portugal. It’s head of a rural municipality where you can find about 54 people per square kilometre and where they’re highly likely to be advanced in years, as the ratio of elderly to young people is close to 3:1. Towards the northeastern part of the village, there’s a small residential neighbourhood facing an abandoned quarry. Inside this quarry sits one of the biggest skate bowls in the world. Discover more about the Belmonte Blog here. If you like it big, you know where to go.

Alcobaça Skatepark

Alcobaça is a city and a municipality in Central Portugal, and is definitely worth a visit if you are roadtripping in Portugal. Designed and built by Wasteland Skateparks in 2018, the skatepark features a kidney bowl and a smooth and fun street section.

Boardriders Skatepark

This skatepark is a private park (no entrance fee) located in the Quicksilver shop in Ericeira, near the beach front (so yes, perfect place to skate and surf). The skatepark features one of the most challenging bowls in the country and was designed and built by ZUTskateparks in 2011. 

Monsanto Skatepark

Monsanto skatepark was designed by Francisco Lopez and built in 2018. You can find the park in the Parque de Merendas da Alameda Keil do Amaral. The skatepark features a fun bowl and is a great local spot with a focus on street style skating and has a wide variation in obstacles to hit.

Campolide Skatepark

Campolide skatepark, also known as Bairro da Liberdade skatepark ,was designed by Franisco Lopez and opened in February 2020. Located under a bridge overpass, it's the perfect spot for rainy or hot days.

Chelas skatepark

Chelas skatepark also know as Skatepark de Marvila is located in City Park Vale de Chelas. The concrete skatepark was designed and built in 2013 by Francisco Lopez and funded by Rock and Rio. The skatepark features a large street section with flow and one of the biggest bowls in the country. 

Parque Das Gerações

Parque das Gerações skatepark was inaugurated in 2013 by the Municipality of Cascais who invested more than 300.000€ to build one of the best skateparks in the country (at the time). The park features a snakerun, bowl and two separate street sections, nicely interconnected. What really makes the park special is it's users, location, bar and sunsets. 

Loulé Skatepark

Loulé is the largest municipality in the Algarve and includes well-known towns near the sea (like Vilamoura or Quinta do Lago) but also features one of the best skateparks in the Algarve. Loulé skatepark features a bowl and plaza style street area.

Albufeira skatepark

Featuring a massive street area packed with multiple stairsets, a snakerun and bowl, Albufeira skatepark, designed by Francisco Lopez, is definitely a bucket list spot if you are tripping in the Algarve.

Ever visited one of these parks? Visit them on Trucks and Fins and RATE them! Curious to find out what your favorite parks are.

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