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Skate Shop

Bana - Skateshop, Surf and Streetwear

It was 1992 when José Marques, better known as Bana, accepted Father's suggestion for opening a surf shop. Initially, the store in Carcavelos was just over 18 m2, but immediately ensured a set of friends and a loyal clientele, mainly supplying clothing and footwear in the streetwear, skatewear and surfwear styles, being a pioneer in betting more alternative brands on the market, with different products and many of them exclusive. 

Ripar Skateshop

We are RIPAR Skate Shop. We are located in Venda do Pinheiro, Lisbon district. We sell all Skateboarding products that Skaters need to Skate, and to wear fashionably in terms of clothing. So Skaters are our brand. 

Rewind skateboarding

Connected to skateboarding for over 28 years, Valter Canhoto has always dreamed of being able to give back everything he has given him throughout his life. In 1999, at a time when skateboarding was far from having its current practitioners, it opened the first Skate Shop in Peniche.

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