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Skate School

LongXcool Skateschool

LongXcool wants you to have the best experience on a skate or a longboard. Our school has an innovative method, with different objectives to achieve, through exercises that turn everything more easy. At the same time, your bases get stronger and avoid the risk of falling and getting hurt. Each class starts with a warmup, functional physical training, skating and stretching in the end. Lets get cool?!

Flow Skate School

Do you have a secret "me"? Do you feel there is something in you that you need to explore? Looking for a greater sense of freedom where there are no rules to follow and simply let it flow? Do you want to let yourself go? So if that's how you feel, welcome to Flow Skate School!

Come learn! Come skate with us!

Skate for Everyone

At Skate for Everyone we want EVERYBODY to be able to learn to skate or help skaters reach their personal goals. All lessons are held in skateparks in the Greater Lisbon area and are scheduled according to the availability of the teacher and the student. It is possible to take Private or Group lessons.

Classic Skate School

The Classic Skate School is a project to initiate the practice of skateboarding. Perfect for the kids who want to start and the older who may already know the sport but want to improve their technique. Stay Safe and keep skating !!!!!!

Sk8 Brothers

Our motto is" Surfskate feels good". Surfskate Lessons. I help people with their first-time experience with a surfskate and improving their surfskate skills and make Lisbon look like California.

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