Bonn skatepark

Skateboarding in Germany

Bonn skatepark

Skateboarding in Germany
  • Address Bonn skatepark: Landgrabenweg 150, 53227 Bonn, Germany.

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About the Skatepark

There is hardly a city in Germany that has such an eventful and multifaceted history in terms of skateboarding as our former capital. Yes, Bonn was once the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany, even if the city with its then only 400,000 inhabitants was by no means the largest of the former West Germany.

After a long time planing and calculating with the city, the last doubters were overruled and after all building permits had been granted in autumn 2017, things could finally start. First the adjoining building was renovated and converted into a cafe. In March 2018, the first concrete began to flow, which the guys from ,,Anker Rampen,, and energetic locals quickly brought into a suitable shape. With the opening on August 8, 2018, they stayed completely on schedule and so the skatepark could and can already be fully used in the never-ending summer of 2018.

The skatepark Bonn is not only a place for hard skaters to come together. Even if it is basically about skateboarding, cultural offers are not neglected here either. Readings are held, events such as concerts and BBQs are held, and there are exhibitions and workshops. Yoga courses are also new to the program. At the "Rolling Titus Bonn Bar" you not only get rental equipment, but also skate hardware and spare parts for BMX riders. On top of that, the "SkateCollage Bonn" offers courses for beginners on the skate and longboard. So you can see - something is going on in Bonn

Special thanks to Pascal Lieleg aka Bowlsh!t  for sending in the photos of Lankow skatepark.

  • Volcano
  • Hubba
  • Curb
  • Roll-in
  • Quarterpipe
  • Manualpad
  • Londongap
  • Kicker
  • Handrail
  • Gap
  • Flatrail
  • Ledge
  • Bank
  • Stairs
  • Bar
  • Skate School
  • Cement Park

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