Beaminster skatepark

Skateboarding in United Kingdom

Beaminster skatepark

Skateboarding in United Kingdom
  • Address Beaminster skatepark: Half Pint Cottage, 45 Fleet Street, Beaminster DT8 3EH, United Kingdom

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About the Skatepark

The Maverick mini is designed with two 90 degree corners to enable riders to generate speed in and out of the space. The miniramp features two long, opposing coping lines which enable riders to perform long grinds both frontside and backside; as well as a multitude of technical tricks using the opposing transitions. The mini features a rounded, pronounced hip to the southside and rolled volcano and spine section to the north. The two features are separated by a bowled corner that rises up 450mm through waterfalls at either end. 

The bowled, raised corner provides a fast and flowing entry in and out of the mini. The two ends of the bowl are linked up with wide spine section which could be sessioned, end-to-end, if the bowl is quiet or used as a return when it busier.

The skatepark was built by Maverick skateparks in 2021.

  • Volcano
  • Spine
  • MiniRamp
  • Bowl
  • Cement Park

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