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Skate Hotels

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort

Bukubaki Eco Surf Resort complements the best of the surfing experience in a family atmosphere with an offer of eco-friendly glamping accommodation based on the principles of sustainability without compromising the comfort enjoyed by our guests.

Kokua Surfarm

Kokua was founded in Peniche, Portugal, by a family of Italian skaters with the passion for surfing, that moved to Portugal 10 years ago. Our Farm has 4 rooms for up to 10 people, a full furbished kitchen, and a multifunctional room with materials to do yoga and similar activities.

In our warehouse we built a fun mini ramp where you can skate during rainy and bad surfing days. The mini is almost 8m wide with two different heights: 1.7m to 2.3m vertical extension. In the warehouse there’s some space to do flat tricks and a small quarter that permits us to do some good skate lessons for kids, girls, adults.

From Italy we brought here “La Fabbricona”, our friend Matteo Storelli’s lab, a high quality skateboard decks manufacturing, with the intention of making a new Portuguese skateboard company.

Drop In Surf & Skate Camp

The DROP IN Surf & Skate Camp is located in Lourinhã...You can choose between 3 different houses...Good vibes, nice chicas & dudes, clean waves, empty beaches, a own skate bowl and a miniramp make the camp to an awesome spot! Feel free, just pass by for a ride, even without to be a guest of the Drop In Camp!

Noah Surf House Portugal

Amongst cliffs, sand dunes and bare rocks, sprouts a small place called Santa Cruz which, despite guaranteeing all the services necessary for well-being, does not follow the patterns nor agitations of other coastal tourist villages on the Portuguese West Coast. To say the least, Santa Cruz is a unique place, where you simply feel like LIVING.

WOT Ericeira Surf Hostel

Jump in our wonderful WOT Ericeira Surf Hostel and Visit the 1st Surfing Reserve in Europe. Our Hostel is located right at the top of Rua das Lombas with a severely privileged view over the village and the ocean, just a 4 minute walk from one of the best beaches in Portugal. Recharge your batteries while enjoying the portuguese sun in our swimming pool, touching the sand at the beach, or exploring the beautiful city of Ericeira.

Surf Camp Ericeira Lapoint

Visit our surf camp in Ericeira, Portugal, and enjoy the great vibe and energy of like-minded people, while in walking distance to the beach, the surf and the cozy village of Ericeira; the surfing capital of Europe. 

Surf camp Portugal is situated in Ericeira, an extraordinary Portuguese coastal community and surf village. Located only 40 minutes from Lisbon, Ericeira with its intimate town centre and many restaurants and entertainment options is often referred to as the Mecca of European surfing, and is quickly becoming a favourite with travelling surfers from around the world. Our camp, perfectly situated with walking distance to surf spots and the city centre provides everything you'll ever need for a perfect holiday.

FreeFlow SB Tours

FreeFlow SB Tours goal is to offer the best skateboarding experience in skateparks located in Lisbon and the Vicentine Coast. 

Get to know the lively Lisbon and its vibe with our packs!

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