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Pole Jam

A pole jam is a short metal pole that is planted rather steeply in the ground that skaters use to grind and jump off. When you want to learn to ride a pole, rule numer one is to first find a pole that's not too steep. The steeper it is, the harder it's going to be. Get comfortable riding a board before you give poles an attempt. And the older you get, the more this rule applies.

Poles come in different sizes and shapes, but typically the pole used is bent into an acute angle, so that grinding or sliding is permitted. Tricks common on pole jams are grinds, slides, flips, grabs, no-complies, boneless and many more. It's a fun obstacle to let your creativity loose and show what you got.

Pole Jam


  • Wes Kremer
  • Richie Jackson
  • Jake Johnson



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