PUG Skateparks

PUG Skateparks

Founded in 2014 by skaters, PUG Skateparks arises from the combination of passion for skateboarding and the professional vocation of each employee who is part of the company. We bet on a specialized and multidisciplinary team, with architects, engineers, construction team and professional skaters. Our client is mainly our partner, actively participating in the entire process; after all we all have the same goal: to have fun skateboarding in nice and democratic spaces. We are a family owned and operated business. 
We have machinery, equipment and our own workshop. We constantly invest in technology and knowledge, being able to guarantee quality from the first design conceptions to finishing with our team. Our work focuses on delivery with a contemporary design, durability, social and environmental responsibility, and strong integration of the project into the existing immediate surroundings. Quality and durability are obligations. Our differential is in the commitment and knowledge in what we do.


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