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Here's the deal: If you've got just one shop, signing up is completely free. Yep, no fees, no commissions, and it's forever free. We're all about connecting our users with every single skate shop around the globe while helping you gain some new clients. So, what's the catch? There isn't one! We simply want to bridge the gap between our users and skate shops worldwide. Our users are actively seeking out shops, so we need shops like yours on board! It's super simple. Just fill out the stuff below. Once we've got that, we'll set up your shop and connect you with eager skaters looking for what you've got to offer!

If you got more than one shop than you can sign up each shop for 100€/year. Just leave in the comments section how many shops you have and we'll get back to you. That's our way of helping out the small businesses out there!

What can you do with 50 Euro?

Hi! Maybe you’ve have heard of us before. We are the world’s largest skate directory, and our mission is to connect our worldwide community of skaters with businesses around the globe in one single platform. Skaters in basically every single country are using Trucks and Fins to find skateparks, but they are also searching for skate shops. So, we developed a platform that makes it easy for shops to be found, regardless of where you are located. You will have full control of your listing, prices and how you interact with your clients. We don't want any commissions and, yes indeed, it only costs 50€/year.

Why add your shop to our map?

For only 50 € per year you can add your shop to our map. If you already a have website, great, you will probably get a boost straight to the top of the list on Google search. But if you don’t have one, no worries, you just need an email account or telephone and you will start getting found on Google Search in a blink of an eye. If you are looking for a way to increase your visibility and to attract some new customers, we have the audience for you. So, sign up today!


Through a gps location on our map and a business page

A GPS pin on our interactive map that links to your Shop page. Business pages include a personal page of your shop with your logo, title, description, link to your website, YouTube video, contact details, keywords to get found through our search option, and photos of your shop. Your business page will also help you to get found through google search results.


Through services list on skatepark detail page

Get found through the services list on every skatepark page near your shop. Your business page includes your logo, title, short description and contact details. You will be found on the "Skate Shops Nearby" button on every skatepark near you in a 30km radius.


Why is it so cheap to sign up?

We made this platform so people can easily find skateparks and shops, but also to help small businesses around the globe. That's why it's only 50€ to enlist your business for one whole year.

This is your opportunity to help create the future of skateboarding while we help you get customers.

Sing up here!


  • GPS Location On Map
  • Profile Page
  • On The Business Nearby Button
  • Welcome Article On Website
  • Shout-out On Socials
  • Boost Your Google Rankings


  • Small/large Banners
  • National Visibility
  • International Visibility
  • Interview On Our Website
  • Boost Your Rankings On Google

Contact us today to find out more about our banners and pricing.

Note: Banners are limited in each country because we don't want a site packed with publicity. so this is for the fast and furious.

Minimum Image Size Should Be At Least 500 x 300 pixels!

Minimum Image Size Should Be At Least 350 x 350 pixels!


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