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Skate Till Death

Online skateboard store specializing in old school skateboards from the 70s, 80s and 90s

Actually the team is only one guy, me. I'm Guillaume, french born, living in Brussels / Belgium for a decade now. Passionate about skateboarding since the day I saw the- Public Domain video from Powell/Peralta 25 years ago. Do you remember this intro sequence with Steve Saiz, Ray Barbee, Eric Sanderson and Chet Thomas with the excellent McRad song? Since that day, I could never stop and will probably skate till death!

Besides that, I’m collecting decks (OG/Reissues) and throughout times, I noticed that finding decks was sometimes not an easy task: ordering from brick and mortar shops and wait weeks, ordering from US website and being killed by customs fees, etc…

Therefore, I decided to launch this webshop that will (I hope) offer as much as possible brands that marked their era with awesome graphics.



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