Rewind skateboarding

Rewind skateboarding

Connected to skateboarding for over 28 years, Valter Canhoto has always dreamed of being able to give back everything he has given him throughout his life. In 1999, at a time when skateboarding was far from having its current practitioners, it opened the first Skate Shop in Peniche.

The store was open until mid 2006, when he decided to dedicate himself more seriously to another of his passions, the music: was born the sound “Rewind Sound System”. Over the years, a collection of her own clothing, inspired by Jamaican music, is born.

Always with the skate in the vein, with the years and the evolution of the brand, Valter decides to join his two passions and creates his line of skateboards, Rewind.This new experience and love of the sport made him go a step further and toured Europe in search of the best European skate brands.

Then Rewind Skate Distribution was born, which represents in Portugal some of the best independent European skate brands, all of them with internationally recognized quality. Rewind has an online store where you can order your stuff. We guarantee that in a few days is in your house. You just have to worry about where you want to try it for the first time!


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