Lobby Skateshop Hamburg

Lobby Skateshop Hamburg

In recent years it has become quiet about skateboarding in Hamburg. An active scene was always there, but one increasingly got the feeling that everything creative was created only from private sources and that most actors lacked sufficient support. Hamburg simply no longer had an authentic hang-out spot where the scene came together. Whether for galleries, video premieres or just for trashtalk and the aftersession beer. In June 2016 we, Philipp Kroll and Antonio Thieme, took heart, opened the lobby and encouraged us to change that.

With our shop in the Karoviertel, between Sankt Pauli and the roller skating rink, we found the perfect location for our skate shop. We want to offer small brands like Alltimers, Dime, Fucking Awesome, Helas, Polar Skate Co., Palace Skateboards, Quasi Skateboards etc. an authentic platform in Hamburg and again a creative, reliable one for the big names in skateboarding like Adidas, Converse or Vans Create partners to implement events for the Hamburg scene. We want to take responsibility again for brands to actively support the scene in Hamburg and create opportunities for all actors in the scene to develop and implement their ideas, whether skaters, photographers, filmmakers or whatever. We also want to give small companies like Öctagon, Chrystie NYC or Pass-Port the opportunity to grow with us and get more attention.


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