Kokua Surfarm

Kokua Surfarm

Kokua was founded in Peniche, Portugal, by a family of Italian skaters with the passion for surfing, that moved to Portugal 10 years ago. Our Farm has 4 rooms for up to 10 people, a full furbished kitchen, and a multifunctional room with materials to do yoga and similar activities.

In our warehouse we built a fun mini ramp where you can skate during rainy and bad surfing days. The mini is almost 8m wide with two different heights: 1.7m to 2.3m vertical extension. In the warehouse there’s some space to do flat tricks and a small quarter that permits us to do some good skate lessons for kids, girls, adults.

From Italy we brought here “La Fabbricona”, our friend Matteo Storelli’s lab, a high quality skateboard decks manufacturing, with the intention of making a new Portuguese skateboard company.


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