Division 24 Skate Store

Division 24 Skate Store

Division 24 Skate Store was founded in 2001 by brothers Wayne and Dave Miller. Opening doors within The Old Vicarage and originally operating under the name 'Boardriders', we have served as a skater-owned store since day one - stocking a variety of skateboard brands and catering to the needs of local snowboarders too. In 2005, we decided to solely focus on skateboarding as Wayne stepped into the role of full-time bossman and re-branded the shop as Division 24.

We've been dedicated to serving and supplying the Wakefield skate scene for nearly twenty years and continue to pursue our vision of doing everything a good local skateboard store should do; whether it's supporting events, sponsoring some of the city's finest talent, collaborating with local artists and helping get skateparks built.


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