About Trucks and Fins

Haroun Cherif, an amateur skateboarder who started skateboarding at the age of 42, created Trucks and Fins in December 2019 after figuring out there was not one website with all the skateparks in Portugal. He decided to make one for the skate community and, after travelling around the country for several months and visiting all the skateparks, thought it was time to step up the game and map out the entire world. 

The project is ongoing like a seemingly never-ending skate trip and along the way Trucks and Fins has developed into a growing community of skaters, skate photographers and skatepark designers and builders.

Interactive Skatepark Map

Trucks and Fins is both a tool that will help you find the nearest miniramp or indoor skatepark and a platform dedicated to documenting the everyday side of skateboarding culture, not just covering the small percentage of people who get to do it professionally.

If you feel you could take some good photos of your local skatepark, if there’s a skate story in your city that needs to be told, if you’re just feeling lonely, drop us a line.

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