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Trucks and Fins... Where did it all start?

I guess I have to rewind about two years. Call it a midlife crisis if you want, but 3 days after watching a youtube video at the age of 42, I walked out of a skateshop with my first skateboard.

Couldn't walk for several days after my first slam at the park in front of all the kids. So I decided that some lessons to learn the basics might be a good idea. And that's where I met Vasco.

Basically we are two computer nerds that skate and surf. I do SEO and Vasco makes websites so after figuring out there was not one website with all the skateparks and surf spots in Portugal, we decided to make one for the community of skateboarders and surfers in Portugal. And that, I guess, was the beginning of Trucks and Fins. 

There are so many awesome things to do when it comes to surf and skate in Portugal. But people don't know about it. Want to find out more about surfing in Portugal? Looking for a hotel with a skatebowl? Skateboarding in Portugal? Want to learn how to surf? Need to get your board fixed? Want to learn how to tow-in surf or do aerials? Don't worry we got you covered. That's what Trucks and Fins is all about. We want to show you everything there is to know about surfing and skateboarding in Portugal.

We want to help local businesses get found and help travellers find bucket list spots, awesome things to do and unforgettable places to stay.

So one year later we present you Trucks and Fins. Our baby.

Interactive Surfing and Skateboarding Map

Stop the madness. Travelling, surfing and skateboarding has never been easier. From now on you don't need to visit dozens of websites to discover spots, get directions, find the nearest shops, cool places to stay, see the surf conditions, look for schools, board and wetsuit repairs, etc.

Trucks and Fins has it all on one interactive surf and skate map. Our mission? Surf and skate every spot in Portugal. And when we finish that, we start with the rest of Europe. Let the journey begin.

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